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  1. FISH for a CURE

    Calling all captains, anglers, and friends of Fish For A Cure! More details to come but save the date for our 13th Annual Fish For A Cure Tournament, Paul C. Dettor Captain’s Challenge, and Shore Party on Saturday, November 2, 2019.

  2. Disc brake "Lot Lock". Do you know what that is?

    When pulling a trailer for the first time, or after it has been stored for a extended period of time, please
    check the wheels for “Lot Lock”. This condition can cause the tires to skid on an empty trailer due to
    lack of a boat or other weight. This is common at auto dealerships where cars sit unmoved for long
    periods of time and the brake pads “freeze” to the rotors.

    “Lot Lock” is caused by corrosion buildup between the brake pad and rotor. It is more prevalent with
    metallic brake pads but can happen with organic and ceramic pads as well. This is due to the rotor
    surface of exposed steel not having a corrosion resistant coating where the pads come in contact with
    the rotor.

    Pulling a trailer for the first time that has been stored for a while can easily have “Lot Locked”
    wheels. If the trailer is empty and does not have a boat or weight on the trailer, it will be easy to “skid”
    the tires.

    If possible, test the trailer first by pushing the trailer backward then forward to verify the
    wheels roll freely. If locked, try rocking the trailer back and forth to free the brakes. If this
    does not work, try using a wide blade putty knife to create space between the rotor and brake pads.
    If the trailer has been sitting a long time, it may require the brakes be removed and the pads and
    rotors cleaned.

    To keep your brakes from “freezing” to the rotor:

    • Store the trailer in a protected area
    • If you cover the trailer (and boat) with a tarp, make sure there is air circulation around the
      brake area. A closed tarp can create a “green house” effect and accelerate corrosion.
    • If your actuator uses a “stop flow” solenoid, make sure you have not locked in pressure to the brakes when you disconnect the trailer. This generally happens when backing into a parking space that is up hill.
    • If storing for a long time, consider using a very light coat of spray paint on the exposed rotor surface. Be careful not to spray other parts of the brakes or the trailer. After the paint is dry, rotate the wheels so that the brake pads are on the painted surface. The paint will wear off during the first use.
    • Do not use any type of oil, WD40 or any lubricating coating as this could permeate the pads and reduce braking power.
    • After disconnecting trailer, set actuator to a neutral or “no pressure” position by pulling the coupler out or forward.
    • Check actuator fluid level and add DOT 3 brake fluid if needed.
  3. The Main Boat Show October 4-6

    Maine’s newest boat show will make its debut the weekend of October 4-6 in Portland at the city’s Thompson Point venue.

    “We now have a great new event venue that fits our traditional Maine style, with a touch of modern,” reports Maine Marine Trades Association director, Stacey Keefer, adding that the show will feature 40 to 50 of Maine’s finest industry members. Holding the show at the end of the season will allow dealers, builders, and brokers to offer great prices and give service yards time to estimate and schedule winter projects and refits.

    MMTA Board President Joan Fetsko will be there with a boat from Pemaquid Marine. “We like that it’s easy for someone from Boston or southern New England to take the train right to the show,” said Fetsko. Thompson’s Point is one of Portland’s hip, new event venues and is located next to the Amtrak station and a popular trio of local bars featuring wine, beer and spirits all crafted in Maine. There is also a fantastic food scene in Portland which was named America’s 2018 Restaurant City of The Year byBon Appétit.

    The show is sponsored by Yamaha and Allen Insurance and Financial. Yamaha will be there promoting the Yamaha Outboard Motor Service course recently launched in partnership with Southern Maine Community College. In an effort to promote marine industry careers, Maine students of all ages will receive complimentary admission to the show. For more information about The Maine Boat Show contact the Maine Marine Trades Association, 207-773-8725 or go to

  4. Richmond RV and Boat Show

    Richmond RV and Boat Show- September 27-29 -The Richmond RV & Boat Fall Mega Sale is your opportunity to view and buy new, used, year-end models and preview 2020 models. Take advantage of the area’s most prominent RV and boat dealers coming together all in one convenient location to offer you unbeatable deals.

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