Axle 4200lb Torsion square tube with v-drop 92" track assembled with 9.6" E-coat Integral Hub/Rotor with Vortex Lubrication


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Capacity: 4200lbs.
Finish: Galvanized
Hub Face: 92"
Outside the Mounting Brackets: 80.73"
Brake Flange to Brake Flange: 85.68"
Bent Tube Length: 80.48"
Camber: 1.5 degree per side
Bent/Straight: 4" V-drop
Tubing: 2.63"x2.63"x3/16"
Assembled with 9.6" Galv XL Integral Hub/Rotor with Vortex Lubrication.
Vortex hubs come with a high performance 6 year/100,000 mile "no touch" lubrication system. No maintenance or service required therefore lowered operating costs. No need for periodic re-greasing or inspection. Reusable dust cap is threaded for easy removal should the need occur. See the attached information sheet regarding Vortex hubs.
*Lucas Oil premium marine grease is required when adding or replacing grease or the warranty is voided.20091


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