6” Dual Wheel Trailer Jack With Up To 1500lb. Capacity with Swivel Functionality


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Product Overview

This Dutton Lainson Swivel Tongue Jack with dual wheels has a capacity of up to 1500lb. and it is easy to install on your trailer. Simply use the bracket on both sides of the trailer, adjust it and tighten it, it’s that simple. Once it’s installed it swivels so that it is easy to transport with your trailer anywhere you take your maritime adventures.


Product Specification

.:{Dutton Lainson}

.:Model 6800A Dual wheel pivoting tongue jack, 1500 lb capacity. Two 6" wheels for added stability.

.:Zinc TUFFPLATE finish.

.:Fits tongues up to 3 x 5 inches.

.:Travel: 12", Max. Tongue Height: 28.5"


Click here For more information on how to determine the correct height for your trailer tongue jack.


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